Big Fish et Boss Fight Entertainment annoncent “Dungeon Boss”

World’s Largest Publisher and Distributor of Casual Games
Teams with Seasoned Game Developer to Make Role Playing Games Accessible to a Mainstream Audience

Seattle, WA – September 18, 2014, Big Fish, the world’s largest producer and distributor of casual games, has teamed up with Boss Fight Entertainment on a new mobile game called Dungeon Boss. Boss Fight Entertainment is comprised of veteran game developers, many of whom were key in the development of CastleVille, Age of Empires, Rise of Nations and Halo Wars. Boss Fight Entertainment’s pedigree and Big Fish’s track record of reaching large mainstream audiences allows Dungeon Boss to make its mark as a AAA quality collectible Role Playing Game designed to be easily accessible to a broad mobile audience.

Dungeon Boss is designed to engage mobile gamers of all types with fast and fun gameplay as they collect unique heroes and build teams to battle against epic bosses. Players that are new to the genre will be drawn in by the gorgeous and retro-styled 3D graphics, the unique and awe inspiring characters and environments, and the ease with which they can access their heroes’ special abilities to be successful in battle. More experienced RPG gamers will find the depth of strategy and choice in the hero powers and team building they have come to expect, and will be challenged as they advance deep into the game and compete against other players in PvP. In a genre known for complicated mechanics, steep learning curves, and niche audiences, Dungeon Boss brings Western sensibilities and tongue-and-cheek humor together to introduce all mobile gamers to one of the fastest-growing categories on the platform.

“With Dungeon Boss, Big Fish has a really unique opportunity to bring our casual audience insights and mobile distribution strength to a Role Playing Game that might mistakenly get classified as ‘mid-core’. ‘Mid-core’ encompases a lot of complicated mobile games that small groups of hard-core gamers enjoy while studying a Wiki to figure out how to play,” said Chris Williams, general manager and vice president for Big Fish. “After 12 years of catering to the casual gamer, Big Fish knows what works for a mainstream audience. By partnering with seasoned and highly skilled developers like Boss Fight Entertainment, we’ve positioned Dungeon Boss to be a deep and immersive RPG experience that is approachable and rewarding for all.”

Bill Jackson, Chief Creative Officer at Boss Fight said, “We started Boss Fight with a mission to make the type of games that we love; games that reward the player with depth and strategy, yet are still simple to pick up and play.  Dungeon Boss is a beautiful role playing game that you can spend many hours exploring, but it’s also the perfect companion when you only have a few minutes.”




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