When Inhumanity Knocked On Our Doors – Indiegogo Campaign

When inhumanity knocked on our doors W

Yannick Oho Bambe, Prize-winner of the Best short Film at the London Independent Film Festival in 2013 is launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaingn to fund his new documentary project which will provide an in-depth analysis of the current World Humanitarian refugee crisis.


London / Paris September 28th 2015 – This project was born out of the desire to share the stories of men, women and children, victims of crimes against humanity.

« The documentary will mainly be filmed in the ‘Jungle’ in Calais. However, if we manage to secure more funding, we may also consider filming in a few other refugee camps in other parts of the World. I have been so moved and touched by recent news stories of these victims’ of crimes against humanity and by their plight, that I decided to tell their stories in this Film »

In order to fund this project, Yannick OHO BAMBE is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which will hopefully enable him to make this film: http://igg.me/at/when-inhumanity-knocked-on-our-doors

The aim is to raise 8 600€ and the campaign officially closes on the 30th of October.

The project has recently obtained the support of Solidarités International, a charity based in Paris. They have supported the project financially and have also agreed to facilitate access to the Jungle of Calais to the film crew.

The aim of this film will be to attempt to give their dignity and humanity back to a group of very vulnerable people in desperate need of help, living in those refugee camps (unfortunately, this has not always been the case in the public sphere since the refugee crisis has started in the summer of 2015).

In fact, even some of the language that has been used to describe the refugees in Calais and in general; has only made things worse and served a conscious or unconscious purpose of total dehumanization of these very vulnerable people.

So our first task, even in the wording that we will use in the film (For example the use of the word ‘refugees’ at all times as opposed to ‘migrants’ constantly being used in the mainstream media) will be to humanize them again and try our best in the way we will structure the film to create empathy and compassion for them.

We will use every tool (research material) at our disposal to show to the general public that sometimes it is can be very easy for one to find him/herself in the situation every one of these beautiful souls were; in their country of origin before arriving in this refugee camp in Calais.  «Sometimes, All it takes is being at the wrong place, at the wrong time; not have the « right » skin color; religion and even sometimes gender» Explains Yannick OHO BAMBE. 

« If we manage to do it well, hopefully more ordinary people in the UK and across the World will be able to connect more with their stories and I am confident we will see a greater desire from the general public to help out and do whatever they can to support those vulnerable people. »

The film will be in three parts. In its first part, the focus will be on the process that one has to go through before becoming a monster. Are some people born inhumane or is there a process which leads to inhumane behavior? In its second part The main characters will be asked to talk about the profiles of the perpetrators of those crime against humanity. This will be a follow-up of the first part and a conclusion on the points raised. In the third and last part of the Film, the focus will be on our individual and collective responsibility as a society to stand up against any type of injustices.

Yannick Oho Bambe, the filmmaker is expressing his duty as a citizen of the World through making conscious films. His first short film « When Tottenham Exploded » on the 2011 UK riots won the prize for Best Short Film at the London Independent Film Festival in 2013 and was screened in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival that same year. He will be working on this project with Mihai Andrei, the cinematographer and founder of London Video Stories.

« Nobody should be written-off because of his skin colour, race, religion or even gender », This campaign was launched to promote this very basic idea, Anyone who believes this idea to be worth fighting for and promoting should therefore contribute to this campaign.

« My own humble way of carrying my duty as a citizen of the World would be to make this film that I would not be able to do without your help » says Yannick OHO BAMBE to conclude.


Les réfugiés des personnes ordinnaires


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